Q. What areas do you cover?

From our office suites nestled at the foot of the Campsies, we are ideally placed to cover East Dunbartonshire, and the villages of neighbouring Stirlingshire. We can and do travel further afield on occasion so please just ask.

Q. Who will do viewings?

We do! Reading through our many client testimonials, you’ll note a common theme, and that’s how easy our sellers found the selling process with us. Where possible, your viewings will be in blocks, so that you can take yourself off for a few hours to relax while we get to know your potential buyers and show off your home as only a trained professional can. We take time to learn all about your home and plan the tour specifically to highlight the best features. When it comes to reviewing your offers, we are in the best position to offer sage advice, having spent time in an unhurried viewing getting to know your potential buyer and their individual circumstances.

Q. How long does it take to put my home on the market?

Once you have decided to put your home on the market, many estate agents will endeavour to get your home onto Rightmove as soon as possible – perhaps even the same day you instruct them. After all, if they have their camera with them, then why not? If you believe in the value of craftsmanship, as we do, you will appreciate that creating the marketing to achieve the best possible selling price for a beautiful home takes time. Every element of your marketing is crafted using the very best local expertise. This is the very best bespoke marketing you will ever see of your home. And it’s worth the wait.

Q. How will I be kept up to date?

The short answer is however you prefer. Our happy clients love our team WhatsApp groups where we can quickly provide updates and answer questions, and their personal log-in to our central management system where they can review their photographs and check our viewing lists. Some clients prefer email, but for important discussions, such as passing on feedback and offers, we will always call. We are pro-active so you can count on us to be in contact with you and always keeping you updated.

Q. What is your guarantee?

We passionately believe that estate agents should only be paid based on their performance and that clients should never be tied into contract periods. As such, we do not charge any up-front fees and we have no contract tie in period. We are that confident in our service level and ability to produce the highest price for your home that you can cancel our contract at anytime with no penalty.

Q. What type of homes do you sell?

We don’t have a minimum price, we just need to be inspired by the homes we sell. If we are excited about your home, we know our buyers will be too.

Q. What happens on photo-shoot day?

We will arrange your photography and video visits with our tried and tested specialists, but we don’t just leave you to it. We will arrive in advance to help you prepare. See more on this on our marketing page.

Q. Why is my house not selling?

If you are currently with another agent and struggling to sell then you have come to the right place, we have helped many homeowners, some who have been on the market a considerable time, even as long as 18 months, review their marketing, relaunch and find their buyer, at the same price or even higher. Contact Fiona Wright on 01360 739 739 or via email fiona@wrightsofcampsie.co.uk to arrange a chat, in confidence.