Winter is Coming, styling your home 

Winter is Coming, styling your home 

14th of November, 2020


Toasted marshmallows, thick fluffy throws and a roaring fire…winter is the perfect season to showcase your home at its snuggest.

While it may seem like an unachievable goal we’re here to help you organise the clutter that comes with Christmas and create a great vibe for your house that can transition from viewings and back to normal home-life in a flurry! 

Create a Clean Slate

Before we start with carefully staging your Christmas decor we need a clear foundation and we can achieve this by:

  • Decluttering the space
    • Charity shop, tip run and put away in boxes anything that is not serving you.
  • Depersonalise 
    • Tricky to do over Christmas but also, think about spending one weekend packing your personal items carefully away so they don’t get damaged and ready for the move.
  • Clean all areas

Staging a simple decor theme this year

Throughout the year when styling your home to sell, the primary objective is to achieve a neutrality that allows viewers to imagine what their belongings would look and feel like in the space. 


The absolute KEY to making holiday decorations work for your viewings while still keeping the place festive is less is more, the grotto look is fun, but probably won’t work for your sale. Instead, we want each decoration to enhance your homes most delightful features and almost ‘guide your viewers’ around the house.


Keep to a colour scheme


Hey, we’re not Grinches! We’re all for a “whobilation” but you know, in three colours of less? How about this year to keep the trend of neutral colours decorate in whites for a snowy-feel and accent with metallics like gold and silver? These will complement well.


Keep the lighting warm


No multi-coloured, flashing lights this year! Instead white lights give a classy elegance and warm bulbs feel cosy and inviting out of the cold!


Create the Winter Atmosphere


A wreath on the door always signals a homeowner with style. Your kitchen would look wonderful with a centerpiece of oranges in a bowl. Have the central heating turned on so it’s warm & inviting and will also let your buyers know that the pipes are all working!


If the thought of putting your property on the market this winter is leaving you cold, why not engage the advice of the experts?

At Wrights, our team are always ready to help share our expert tips and advice on how you can help your home stand out and shine this winter.

Call us for a chat on 0141 266 0126 or email us at [email protected] to learn how we can help you sell your home the right way.